February 2017

Cornwall Wildlife Trust strandings information for Seals

CWT MSN_Seal Evidence Evaluation Protocol  

‘I was asked to write an essay for Elementum Volume Two: GAP.

The following is an extract. The original title was The Security of Impermanence.'   There are often storms here between October and April. In 2013/14 there were a succession that built over the weeks through from December to February. On Valentine’s Day 2014 the sea was the biggest I’ve seen it. Immense waves seemed to move [...]

March 2014

Dune Cut Back On Cornish Beaches and Old Plastic Release

This is my house. This winter all the dunes in Cornwall have been cut back by the winter storms. Millions of tons of sand have been moved around the beaches and it still hasn't settled. In the early part of February the dunes on Porthcothan where I live were cut back by about [...]