Fydhya means Trust in the Cornish Language.

Commissioned by Amanda Musgrave for the Moor and Coastal Partnership Trust, A group of primary schools from the North coast of Bodmin Moor in Cornwall.


Sculpture Andrew Tebbs and myself were asked to make an exhibition space for work completed by children, in workshops with artists, for a festival on the theme of JOURNEYS.

We decided that a boat to travel from school to school gathering their art would work. It took several months to find the right boat, an ex-lifeboat, very heavy with a concrete base. Andrew designed and made the exhibition cabin after consultation with the other artists. I thought it would be good to paint it to resemble a whale and undertook workshops with the children who produced their own tags and stories about found objects from the sea. These went into the boat along with painted shells, stories, poems and sea creatures made by the children.

The final destination for FYDHYA was Sterts Theatre where the children performed, singing, dancing and plays, along with professionals. It was a very special event for all who attended.

FYDHYA is now a permanent fixture at Tregona Chapel, St Eval.