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The Nick Darke Documentary work in progress

About The Film

Nick was a writer of passion and originality, both political and inspirational. His work is about community and corruption, the lives of ordinary people and the natural world. Since his death his influence has continued to grow. Why is he still relevant, how has this come about, who has benefited, what have they done with what he gave them? What did he gain from the people he lived and worked with?


The Nick Darke Documentary will include conversations with artists and non-artists who knew or were influenced by Nick. These include Mark Jenkin (filmmaker), Jim Carey (composer), Bec Applebee (actress), Tilly Vosburg, (actress/director), Roger Michell (film and theatre director), Mike Shepherd (theatre director and actor), Lesley Manville (actress), Phil Jackson (actor), Callum Mitchell (poet), Shazz Andrew (actress/writer), Bert Biscoe (poet), Henry Darke (playwright), Mike England (cox of Padstow lifeboat), Brian Bait (fisherman), Anna Marie Murphy (poet and playwright), Ruth Williams (naturalist/CWT), Anna Triggs (National Health worker) and Jennie Crow (actress).


A film made for the HOME SERVICE PROJECT with Hall for Cornwall.