Habitat Project 2022 with Kresen Kernow 

Biodiversity, in the ecosystems of the world, is declining and needs protection. To protect plants, insects, birds and animals we need to know about the natural habitats and ecosystems in which they live but we don’t need to go to them. When we visit wild places we can be the cause depletion and disturbance. We need to protect wild places because they are part of our natural ecosystem, which is essential for our survival. Recording wildlife in surveys is important for research and conservation. Drawing and painting, making notes and photography and film have all contributed to the conservation of particular species. Painting entire habitats can record a place in time. All habitats are under pressure because of human induced climate change and there is value in recording the habitats now for the future. Observational recording also increases our understanding of each species.

The Habitats Project includes an Exhibition, Workshops, Residency and Book

Funded by Arts Council and Kresen Kernow

This project was inspired by the work of Marianne North at Kew Gardens

Exhibition at Kresen Kernow

This project represents nine different natural habitats of St Eval and Redruth in paint. A total of a hundred small paintings show the diversity of natural life, in these areas of Cornwall, and how they are interconnected. St Eval is a rural parish on slate rock with a long stretch of coastal cliff and beaches, about seven square miles in area. Redruth is a historic post industrial town on granite.

Paintings exhibited in the Treasury Gallery at Kresen Kernow from June 16th to the end of August

Redruth Bell Tent Workshops/ Surveys

In May/June 2022 Tebbs and Darke will make surveys, with participants of Redruth, from a bell tent, dressed as Victorian plant hunters. The surveys are set in different areas of Redruth:

  • Redruth School grounds
  • St Euny Churchyard
  • Kresen Kernow grounds
  • Illogan Churchyard – with Shallal  

Participants will record the plants, insects and animals present in a variety of ways, exploring the value of observational drawing and writing.

Residency at Kresen Kernow

During August 2022 Darke and Tebbs will run workshops and show films, inviting conservationists, naturalists and artists to the educational room at Kresen Kernow, including Cornwall Wildlife Trust.

Dates of daily events announced on Kresen Kernow site in June/July 2022

Habitats Book – for publication August/September 2022

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